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DIY-Wooden Branches Tea Light Holder

DIY Tea Light-Kraftnation


Light up your room with beautiful #TeaLights made by yourself and accentuate your ambiance.

All you have to do is grab some old Glasses, Jars etc. and some wooden branches from your Lawn or some place nearby. Cut the branches to the size of Glass or Jar that you have chosen, stick all the branches around with glue as shown in the image.

Your Tea Light Holder is ready.


Kraftpedia-Saura Tribal Paintings

saura collage

‘SAURA’ Tribes are one of the most ancient tribes of India. There tribes are residing in southern part of Orissa. Painting Style named ‘SAURA PAINTING’ is associated to these tribes. This painting style was earlier originated as Wall mural painting. This art form is very much similar to Warli Painting and is also popular as ‘ikons’ or ‘ekons’
These Paintings are painted on some special religiuos or cultural occassions like harvest,new house,marriage etc.These paintings are integral part of their lifestyle. Natural dyes derived from stones,leaves,flowers etc. are used to paint on a background made of red or yellow ocher earth.

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Lamp & Lighting-Making Tin Can Tea Light Candle Holder

Lamp & Lighting is one of the most important part of a good ambiance and sometimes little things which we throw in dustbins after use can be very useful for this purpose.

Follow the guide to make Tea Light Candle holder from soft drink cans:

Material Required:

  1. Empty Can
  2. Tea Light Candle
  3. Tape
  4. Cutter Knife
  5. Spray Paint
  6. Ruler
  7. Sand Paper


  • First step is to mark the can with tape by leaving around 3 cm at both bottom and top of the can. Than make marks on tape with 2.5 cm gap between the marks.
  • Now cut the can with the help of ruler and cutter from top to bottom between the marks. Do it very gently.Tea Light Holder-1
  • Now press the can from both the sides to bend all the sections to form a lantern shape. Bend the can until all the sections take even shape, be very careful while doing this as the edges of the can will be very sharp. Smooth out the edges by using sand paper.Tea Light Holder-2
  • You are almost done, now spray the can with your choice of color and put the tea light candle at the bottom of can. Now light up the ambiance with this candle holder.Tea Light Holder-3

*Be careful in touching the can as it gets hot sometimes.

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Kraftpedia-Phad Paintings

“Phad” painting originated in Rajasthan,in the district of Bhilwara. Phad is a lengthy piece of cloth on which painting is done. Natural colors made of stones,vegetables etc. were used in early days, but nowadays blend of natural dyes,gums & several other chemicals are used to paint which gives some extra durability & life.

These paintings are dedicated to the celebrations of brave acts by some real life heroes like Prithviraj Chauhan, Amar Singh Rathore etc.

*Disclaimer: above material may consists of text copied from other websites, this post is for informative purposes only.

Kraftpedia-What is lac?

“Lac” is a colored resin obtained from wild trees. It takes a specific procedure to make it usable & art able. In India Lac craft is widely known form, it grows over the time .

It is used in different ways in different regions of country. In eastern part of the country sticks are made of lac, it is also used here to decorate bamboo boxes. In north India like in Punjab,Delhi,Rajasthan specially Bihar it is used to make bangles, bracelets & other ornaments. In west like Gujarat here also it is popular for jewelery making.In south India it is used for various purposes like to decorate furniture, to make toys,to make handicrafts, to make tea sets,to make flower vases etc.

Lac craft has always been significant in Indian Culture.Lac craft of India is not only popular here itself,but also attract people from other countries.

*Disclaimer: above material may consists of text copied from other websites, this post is for informative purposes only.